Why do we come together?

What would you do if there’s an event that sounds so promising and supportive, because it has a great prospect of offering you the right ideas and motivation that you’ve been desperately seeking for, for a long time? What would stop you from going?

In today’s world, where everything and everyone is mostly held in the virtual world, knowing new people and making new connections can be terrifying without the “shield” of the screen. Most of us have forgotten the human touch and may feel intimidated by the prospect of using social skills we’ve long neglected to use; socializing in the real world. It makes us feel very exposed and vulnerable.

It is very understandable that going to an event on your own can be a little discouraging, however how would you feel knowing that the person who is sitting on the other side of the virtual and who has just purchased a ticket to that same event that sounds so good is feeling exactly as you do?!

This person was feeling uncertain and a little hesitant, but considered the benefits:

· It’s my opportunity to learn about myself.

· I’m the only one who can attend that event. No one will be able to do it for me.

· Getting to know new people might help me realize that I’m actually not as bad as I thought I am…

· I could use a little encouragement and support. I might find it there...

· What is the worst thing that could happened that I won’t be able to deal with?! I am a grown-up woman after all who’s gone through enough…!

· Getting to know new people might help me understand myself better.

· It’s about time I’d do something for myself!

· If I find it hard to communicate with the person next to me, I should remember that they probably feel the same. I can always start a conversation by telling them how much I enjoy a hot drink at the end of a day and how nice it feels to do something for myself right now.

Wouldn’t you just like to be around that person who has just purchased the ticket?

I know I would….

But if you’re still not sure, ask a friend to join you. It’ll give you a whole new story to talk about on your next gathering…

Here is an opportunity to start networking and socializing in the real world... wouldn’t you want to take the chance?

@Keren Menashe

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