The Bucket List Challenge

Updated: Jan 27

2021 is already here and everyone is eager for it to start in a positive, good and powerful way!

You want it to be different and meaningful!

You want to do things differently and get the best out of 2021!!!... but don’t know where to even begin? Or HOW to do it?

This is what WWC is here for. WWC is all about support and empowerment and, as we believe in the power of togetherness, the power of women and the power of creating and fulfilling bucket lists. This is why we have decided to do it together! With us, you can take the small steps which will change your life completely!

We invite you to join our 2021 Bucket List Challenge!

Bucket list items don’t have to be BIG like going to the moon, but the They don’t have to be BIG like going to the moon. They could be small like, improving your physical health by doing more exercise or volunteering in your local homeless centre. For example, you could say Bucket list items are basically anything that you have wanted to accomplish or achieve, promised yourself to do and are still yet to do them. They could be anything really. Whatever they may be, we guarantee that even the smallest of actions will bring BIG results. Results that you may not have even considered!

Creating and fulfilling a bucket list of ideas that you may already have in your head, will give you:

  • New ways of thinking

  • New relationships and meeting new people

  • New horizons

  • A sense of fulfillment

  • Improvement of your cognitive skills and mental abilities

  • A sense of accomplishment

  • New meaning and a focused living

  • And most importantly – you will feel HAPPY!

Are you with us? Great!

The challenge we’re creating, we would like ALL our members to follow. Our Facebook group will be filled with women who will be fulfilling their own bucket lists at the same time. We will ALL post our lists Together, because we know that doing it TOGETHER is actually committing to doing it at all! And, if you still have some reservations about committing to such a thing, not to worry, just go back and revisit all the benefits of taking on such a challenge, and remember that this is YOUR time to change your life and start living like the woman you dream to be!

Besides a support group that you already have, we know that executing your plans will require:

  • Planning

  • Time

  • Being resourceful

  • Consistency

And we are here to help you with that too!

Here’s how it will work…

First, create your bucket list. Make sure you have at least 15 items in it. Give yourself some time to create it. Go wild! Dream Big and challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone! Come back to it after a few days and choose the top 6 items you want to focus most on. We are ALL going to commit to fulfilling and executing these 6 items from our bucket list.

Note: Every month, you will choose ONE item and you will work on it for the entire month. The following month, you will pick up A different item and follow this for a month, and so on.

This is how it is going to work:

WHAT: Pick one item that you wish to fulfill during the month.

WHEN: One day a week will be dedicated to making this item happen (over one month). If you wish to do it more than once a week and you will stick to it then do it! We want you to push yourself beyond your limits, but we also want you to succeed. So make sure you can accomplish each task and commit to it with all your might!

HOW: Now, you will decide on a plan to make it happen. You will want to be as specific as possible:

With whom (if anyone) will you fulfil this item?

How long will it take / how often / how many times/days will you need?

RESOURCES: What do I need?

Money? Special books / websites / friends / a professional?


Make sure you write these down in a chart, journal or task list. Or to make life easier on you and give you a place to start, we have created a template that you can download for £0.99 (If you are a member it is FREE) from our website called, the ‘WWC 2021 Bucket List Challenge Planner’.

REFLECTION: Write down everything that is going on with you during this time - emotionally, physically and mentally. Write how you felt when scheduling / booking/ planning. Also, how you felt about the outcomes (actual outcome – have you completed your item or not? What was the lesson(s) you learned from it: About yourself (Did you enjoy it? Is it as you dreamed it would be? Are you good at something? What do you need to improve?); About the people around you (Were they supportive and helped you to grow? Did they want to grow too? Were they inspired / motivated by you?); About what is your next step (What new ideas did it give you? Would you like to accomplish something similar or do you wish to complete something entirely different?)

Now let’s take an examples:

What: Volunteer helping the elderly.

When: Every Monday at 7pm.

How: You will decide on how you will do it. For example: Would it be cooking for them? writing letters? zoom session? doing errands for them?

RESOURCES: Who would you need to contact in your local area? Do you know someone around you (neighbour, etc) that would be happy to use your help? If you decide to cook, you would need to buy groceries. If you decide to do errands, then who would look after your children? Who would take out your dog?

WRITE: Make sure you write it down! ALL the details! Don’t miss a thing.

REFLECTION: Always make sure you leave time for reflection. For example: “I stopped feeling guilty for not doing anything! At least it did this!”, “I was so tired but I did it”, “My heart was filled with a lot of sorrow but, also a great deal of love”, “I felt fantastic”, “I was at peace because I knew I did something good”, “I learned that I can do it and I would like my children to do the same and join me.” And “I learned that I can’t do it anymore and prefer to donate money once a month”

We want you to succeed !

We are here for you!

For you to succeed, you need to make a commitment. One of the things that helps us stick to our commitments is being held accountable by someone. In order to hold each other accountable to our promises, we invite you to report to the community and your social media. Yes, it won’t be easy, but hey, this is why we called it “WWC 2021 The Bucket List Challenge”.

Visual aids are extremely supportive in achieving your goals, so we have created a planner for you and a book mark where you can write and constantly see your goals and plans in front on you at all time. Visit a shop to download.

WWC TEAM will participate in this challenge with you!!!! We are fully committed to this! We are shaking our duvet cover, rumbling out the air and refreshing the dust!

We start on February the 1st and go until March the 1st for the first item on our list.

Our challenge will carry on all the way to July. Every month we will fulfill ONE item from our list.

We have no idea what this will bring, but we’re super excited for it to start! We will report to you and we are looking forward to your reports as well.. You’ll never know what you miss until you at least give it a try!

We will be posting our own bucket lists and actions on our Private Facebook Page, Women’s World Club Group and would love to see you there!

Need some additional inspiration? A fun thing for you to do to awaken your imagination and motivation; if you haven’t watched it yet, “The Bucket List” movie, with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicolson, then go and watch it! The movie gives you a taste of what it means having a supportive friend and how wonderful (more or less) things can change people when they fulfill their lists.

So what do you say?

6 months of adventures, new ideas and new beginnings.

C’mon, let’s make our lives better!

We have no idea what this Bucket List Challenge will bring, but we are super excited for it to start! You’ll never know what you are missing out on until you at least give it a try!

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