Habits for a successful life in 5 simple steps

First, it is important to say that we have many habits in our life; some are good like, brushing our teeth every morning and some are less good, like eating sweets with my coffee, every cup of coffee, 4 times a day (is it only me?) … But let us focus on how a habit becomes one, before we judge my daily sweets 😊

To change or to make a new habit in your life, the answer is very simple - by repeating and repeating the same thing again and again and again and…. you know what’s next … again.

Studies show that it takes between 18 to 254 days for a new habit - activity or behaviour to assimilate in us, the average is 66 days.

Once you repeat it for at least a month, it becomes automatic in our lives and there you go, you have created a new behaviour, a new habit in your life.

Simple? Yes and no, right? Otherwise, why are we not changing or creating good habits all the time?

To answer that let's start with my first tip –

1. Start simple – one thing at the time, do not change a big thing in your life at once - divide it into lots of steps and each time do one.

If you start with too big commitment, it will be more likely that at some point you will just put it away, because it is too big and probably will take too much energy

2. Make a commitment to this new thing – Think about why is it important to you? Describe how you will feel when you achieve it- write it, draw it or imagine it in your mind.

It will help you every time you feel less motivated to do it.

3. Put notes in your calendar and share it with a friend / family.

Once you share your commitment with someone and you put notes in your house/office /calendar – psychologically you will have a hard time not doing it because you have made a commitment to someone other than yourself. This person or persons will become your “commitment partner”.

Your commitment partner will help and encourage you to achieve the habit or goal you have committed to and thus help you.

It is only important that you choose the friend who will not give up on you and support you.

4. My next tip, Patience - you will need lots of that 😊

It takes time to change a behaviour or to start a new one. Be patient with yourself. It will take time BUT it will be worth it!!

This is a process that takes weeks and even months. It also helps to remember that with time and perseverance it will only get easier and simpler.

5. When you slip, get back on track quickly.

We all have bad days, and it is important to understand this and be prepared for them. Simply acknowledge you have had a bad day and get right back on track. It will help you to check your notes or to ask someone for help- why you start it from the beginning.

Rainy days will always come, This is life. But the lesson is in, how we continue from the slip or bad day, look ahead and move forward again.

An example of my starting a new habit: If I’m going to begin to cut back on eating my daily amount of sweets, I'd rather start by reducing my sugar intake to 1 to 2 cups a day than eliminate it for the whole day. This achievement will make me feel happy, as I reduced the sugar in my daily life. Moving forward, I‘ll ask for support from my family to keep me on track and buy less sweets, in order to avoid temptation.

Now that you know all the tricks – make a list of 5 habits you want to change or have in your life.

Start with one thing; one habit at a time. Be patient and repeat it at least for one month. This is how you make a change to be a successful and the proud person you deserve to be.

An amazing example to your family, friends, and kids; and a feeling of ability, that we can, that we have, succeeded!

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then is not an act but a habit.”

@Meital Cohen-Gantchoula

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