Going Virtual or overcoming lockdown!

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

One of the things I’m learning to adjust to is the virtual world.

I know it’s been 6 months since a world pandemic has hit us, but I still find it hard to live a life where everything happens on the virtual.

Shopping - online.

Courses- online.

Meetings – online.

Movies – online.

Workout – online.

Dating – online.

You meet people with various pixels dots qualities and sometimes with a great delay between their mouth movement and their voice and sometimes with background noises (some of them are really funny).

You see their living-room, bedroom and they see yours (unless you are very talented and have managed to appear in your skin colour, you know… without any blue marks that cover your face (or glasses); when you set a background of a beach scenery behind you. By the way, if you’re one of those people who’ve manage to do so, give me a call or send me a tutorial; everyone around me, on the virtual world of course, will appreciate that and I would appreciate everyone stop teasing me about my skin colour😊).

Going back to the virtual meeting world, when you meet people online, don’t you always wonder if their lower outfit contains underpants, pyjamas or they actually wear a descent trousers that would match the sophisticated shirt they put on?

Don’t you ever wonder what’s around the screen? Is it messy? Is it big? Who else is there? Do they actually sitting on the chair all day long or do they get up to do the laundry or waxing their legs?

I think I’m really taking it to the wrong level, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can totally see the benefits of it. First of all is the tranquil idea that I don’t need to commute. No more traffic and slow drive behind a cyclist, who’s doing their best to outpace you, or go into the underground sardines or underground timing calculations. No more coffee spill on your brand-new shirt or stench of a sweaty someone’s. That’s all gone. I have a meeting at 9 and I don’t have to leave at 7. I can turn on the laptop at 8:55 and make my coffee, while my laptop is switching to morning mode.

Second of all, I can wear my pyjamas’ bottom to any meeting and still look smart (in case you were wondering …) however I actually sometimes, when I have had enough of the sloppy look, I put the whole Shabbang of an outfit (including the lipstick) and go on my meeting in my living room, dressed up like a glamorous queen.

And most of all, I can attend meetings and courses ANYWHERE in the world and still be anonymous. People might know me by name but I am still just a face to them and I don’t need to say a word or focus on anyone else. I can just listen to the speaker and stay muted for the whole time and talk only when I feel like or have a question. Moreover, one of the things I enjoy doing when my concentration is really low, is to browse the meeting page and look at who’s doing what. I see if they are knitting, cooking, doing their hair, painting their nails and of course… you guessed it; wonder what they’re wearing as bottom outfit. Sometimes, when if I feel like it, I write to some people who look very interesting or who’ve said something interesting and I write to them privately and make a nice comment about how I agree with what they’ve said or ask them a question about it. A great way to meet new people with some great icebreakers provided by the host… easy and sweet.

I met so many new people who haven’t turned out to my best friends BUT from whom we I’ve learned, and with whom I’ve done some great collaborations. What I really love about it that I wouldn’t have met them under other circumstances. mostly because the world is really big and there are so many people living in it.

I know that nothing can compensate over the human touch, but for now I know that at least there are humans behind those screens who probably feels the same as I do. We’re all looking for the human touch in different ways then before; introvert or extravert. We all hope that attending a meeting, a course or an event would create something with someone else that perhaps one day has a great potential to transform into reality in real life or even a nice virtual encounter.

Until then, I’m going to make my coffee and get ready for the next meeting, without the beach scene and with my messy living room as a background (just saying…)

@Keren Menashe

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