Breast Cancer Awareness month

Notes from a journal of a cancer free woman:

Today, exactly 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The little lump I touched 6 months earlier and which I fantasized was just a minor cyst, was apparently a completely different story.

After the lump was removed, I received the news that my type of cancer was a pleasant one. It was the hormonal cancer, and at the same breath, I was informed that I had to have another operation because the lymph was infected.

At that moment I made the decision that there are worse things in life and that there are more serious diseases and that No TUMOR WILL KNOCK ME DOWN!

I made another decision that suited me and it was that I’m not going to let the disease manage me, but I will manage it in a practical way with a great optimism and with the supportive family that I have.

To make the story short; after two surgeries and 38 annual screening tests and many more exams and treatments, I am here, living with joy and love.

It took me a few more years until the penny dropped and made me realize some very important things that have always been here and I took them for granted. And yes, the same pink clichés and mantras we all know and chant, have turned out to be true and important and are within a reach to us all.

* Get up every morning with a smile and joy for a new day full of activity.

* Make dreams come true, anything is possible if you just want to and do it.

* Do not take anything for granted, not even the smallest things.

* Love yourself, you are the most important asset to life.

* Always, always give support to others who need it.

* Proportions is the name of the game.

* Positive thinking is a key to many doors in life.

* Do not wait for illness or crisis to develop yourself and grow.

Go get tested today, now, in this moment!!!!!!!

Early detection saves lives!!!!!

We don't need to experience it to learn from it!

Read and feel blessed!

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