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Becoming a Spark

Why becoming a Spark is amazing!

Women's World Club is all about women! 

It's about women's journey in finding  a way to improve and fulfill their lives. 

If you have started believing in yourself again and believing in your way, 

If you have been successful in your journey and are someone who wants to make a bigger impact and grow more; it's time to move to the next step.

It's your opportunity to share it with others; empower and inspire them.  You can do it in so many ways.

Your entrepreneurship for the greater women society! 

What our Sparks say

"Absolutely love it. It's all about supporting and empowering women"

"if you need more visibility, you  could definitely benefit from collaborating with WWC."

Amani Keite, Nutritionist 

"What I really enjoy about the Women's World Club is their mission to bring women together and to celebrate each other's powers. They are one of the only groups that have kept contact with me after interviews or podcasts as well and always make sure I'm included."

Emma Stowell, author

 "Thank you sooo much for having me!


Ewelina Barwicka, Styling coach