Our Dedicated Team Members

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Keren Menashe

Founder and Director

I'm  a very creative person with a great passion for creating better opportunities for women in my own  personal environment for many years.    I'm also a life coach, a mediator  & passionate about positive psychology &  self-development,  All  these component have been part of my realm for many years. 
After so many years in organizing  events and collaborations within my local community,  I've started feeling and understanding that I have neglected myself as a woman.  only after investigating this (personal and cognitive quests) and after speaking to many other women, I realized that I'm not the only one who  experience this lack of fulfillment as a woman.  With a great determination to make my life and  my fellow women more creative and more fulfilled to their unique lives, I've decided to do more and establish this club.    I'm very passionate and a great believer that  there's more to life than we think and reaching.  Fulfilling our unique goal is one of our journeys on the road to find true happiness.   It's not an easy journey, but when walking it together with like minded women, it becomes more pleasant, more doable and much more   easier.

On my spare time I am mother of three brilliant girls, an author of an upcoming book and you would be more likely to meet me at a jazz concert or an art gallerias,  or one of our club's activities.  I can't wait to meet you.


Meital Cohen 

Founder and Director

As a career woman for many years, a wife and a motherת the feeling of dissatisfaction was always part of my experience.  I felt that I can do more, I want to do more and this feeling didn’t let go .. 

In conversations with other women I realized that the feelings are common, we all want to grow and develop, we all want to leave a mark, we all want to set an example for our family, our community and do not know where to start .... our challenges are similar no matter our background.

We established this club to give the support, assistance and tools so that each in her own way and according to her desires can progress, grow and reach the self she wants to be. 

We are here to support, explore, ask, understand and give so that each one will live the life she dreamed.

 We, as women, have high capacity as one unit, but much more as a group. 

No matter what our background is, we face the same challenges and as a community we can help, influence and  contribute to each other.

And yes I’m  42 years old, married , 2 beautiful daughters with list of dreams in my pocket that I’m ready to fulfill!!