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Women’s World Club is a growing community that is all about self-development and self-care in collaboration within a supportive and currently virtual community.  This safe space allows you to grow and learn at your own pace, without any judgement.

Every month we explore and learn a different topic that concerns women's lives in the areas on MIND-BODY-SPIRIT.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide women with various opportunities within various platforms, and enable them to live their lives the way they dream to live; fulfilling their full potential, feeling happy and living fully and socially equal.  We want to contribute to women's position in society, enabling breaking their personal glass ceiling, which will enable all women to break the social glass ceiling.  We want to turn the world into a more accessible place for women today and our daughters tomorrow to live in.

Our vision is to create a safe physical center where women can meet, connect and explore their opportunities to grow, develop, learn new skills and use them to live the way they dream to live.  

We want to create a space where women can come together, every day and find a new adventure, new experience and a new path. At the same time, we would like our Sparks (speakers) to grow, inspire and empower as many women as possible.  ​

We want to continue to create more opportunities for women to collaborate and to learn from one another.

Future plan:

We aim to open a physical space for women, which will provide seminars, courses, events and be a meeting place for ALL women who want to grow, connect and create.  A place to meet, be empowered and be empowered by.  

No competition.  No judgement.  No limiting beliefs. 

What we believe in:

  1. The power of the community.  We believe that every woman has an inner strength that provides her with her own unique abilities to flourish and be fulfilled. After years of working with women, we have come to a conclusion that coming together as a group gives us the extra thrust that we sometimes need and the extra support that we sometimes struggle to receive or are embarrassed to ask for.

  2. The power of the individuals.  ​Our focus is on providing individuals within our community various developmental workshops led by women who are experts in their fields.  By providing these workshops, we are able to create a supportive virtual community that provides excellent options and possibilities for collaboration and networking.  Additionally, we issue a monthly magazine, podcasts and a blog, which all provide tools, ideas and skills that every woman in the world in any stage of life can apply to her own life on a daily basis.

Our Goals:

  • Focusing exclusively on women only.  This gives us the ability to understand and address specifically women’s inner world.  Focusing solely on women  provides and offers suitable workshops and courses to answer women’s basic needs. We reach out to women who are seeking a platform to fulfill themselves and grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We incorporate women experts who understand and know how to guide women towards fulfilling themselves, growing and evolving.

  • Reaching out to women experts who have a deep knowledge and understanding on women’s holistic being as part of society, and as individual human beings.  Our Sparks (speakers) are inspirational and motivational.  They egnite and enlighten our world with their wisdom, but also with their personal story that many times reflects our own world as women.

  • Providing a place where you can find fellow women who understand your challenges and your being and where you can find a home away from home to share your doubts and aspirations.

​Our community thrives to connect, flourish and develop mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  We consider all aspects of womanhood and aim to develop and grow our female awareness as holistic beings; focusing on all areas of growth.

We are more able and stronger together!